The Biggest Molding Selection In The Valley!

Nobody Beats Our Prices!
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The BIGGEST Molding Selection in the Valley!

In our great selection of laminate, wood, and waterproof moldings, we have an endless supply of inventory.

To list a few :

Product Laminate Wood
T-Molding $18.95 $49.00
Reducers $18.95 $49.00
Stairnose $30 $50
End Cap $18.95 $49.00
Wall Base 16 $25.00
Quarter Round $8.95 $30.00
*T-Moldings Laminate to Tile
*End Cap Laminate to Carpet
Minimum Charge on Repairs $125  
Water Damage, Aggregate Rock Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Urine Treatment, Upholstery Cleaning Call For Prices